Meet Brado


This is Brado's "happy place", on stage playing his guitar and singing. His passion from early beginnings involving a highly talented and musically inclined family of accomplished musicians. With songs and instruments in his surroundings, talent became natural to soothe his soul. Highly influenced by his father who played several instruments from strings to horn. Pulse from rhythms of smooth jazz, bossa nova and cool melodies.

A Unique sound to enjoy. Brado is a distinctive in his own sound. Playing a number of cover tracks that audiences appreciate and recognizes as he puts his trust in his own style. Every song has a twist of Brado, making it his own Brado Music. Composer/Writer, Performer, Recording Artist. Brado Music Maui is a versatile package of talent. With a wide selection to choose from, offering a musical menu from a well seasoned guitarist/vocalist along with an entree of original compositions. The Kauai born songwriter/singer has captivated many a showroom, concert hall, nightclubs & corporate or private events with his native island charm. Brado holds as one of Hawaii's most trusting promising artist!

Live performance tells the story best... and for those who have been lucky to catch the performer in action, they have been served as witnesses to a powerful contemporary musician in the makings. Playing music from an early age, along with the Garden Island to inspire his creative sound, Brado has developed a mix of blend of contemporary Hawaiian and fusion jazz that has found it's way to a vast of audience who appreciates good music. Satisfied you will smile as he performs and you are rewarded for his passion to play and entertain. Engaged as you feel and hear his happiness.

Experience a true musician to his craft. Brado Music Maui performs genres that combine to form beautiful tropical music and can be found on CD's at upcoming resorts and events. As a soloist , Duo or Trio "N8Vz" pronounced Natives, is a high energy, flamboyant and talented group of professionals who have combined style and versatility into a creative entertainment package for all to enjoy. With a little bit of this and that, "N8Vz" the group offers a wide range of musical styles from jazz, rock, reggae, blues, funk, rhythm and blues, Latin and Hawaiian. With band leader Brado providing powerful non stop entertainment with Isaac Zablan (drummer/singer) "I-Drive" a soulful provider of endless rhythms enticing the need to dance. Joining forces with Steve Repollo (bass/singer) "Polo" a dynamic energy that draws attention with his playing skills and crooning smooth soulful voice. "N8Vz", besides a trio includes and offers a bigger band with a backline of keyboards/percussions/horn section and singers. A gentlemen's band, sharing a tropical brand of entertainment. Sit back relax and prepare yourself as you will feel the need to sing or dance to a most enjoyable event encountered.